Micro Deniz

Well well well…. Here we go. Who am I? My name is Denis, but a lot of people write Deniz, so I went with it. I live in Norway, Oslo to be precise. Moved there to study at BI, and I got a book called “Microeconomics” laying right beside me, so I went with that as well. Really though through, I know. Why am I writing? Really don’t know, I feel that I need to get my words out there, express myself and just be free. Don’t need a lot of followers, just want to write. What about you may ask. Well, might be about a lot. School, personal life, work, and everything else. “Everything between earth and heaven” as we say it here in Norway. Well the time here is currently 23.08 and I need to get to work tomorrow, so I guess i´ll  try to get some sleep. Micro out.