Day Before The Day – 30.12.17

Here it is. The day before the day. Soon we will go over to 2018. New year new me? Well, I kind of say that every year. We will se how this one goes, but I need to get a grip om myself and start studying more than I did this year.

Today is going to be a long day. First I’m going to work a bit from home, maybe a bit of programming. Trying to learn Swift, programming for iOS and Mac. Then I’m off to a shopping mall to buy some groceries for today. Going to make wok for my girlfriend today when she comes home, so I’m picking her up at the train-station.

Today evening we will probably watch a movie or just fall asleep. I tend to always fall asleep when we watch a movie.

What is your day going to be like? Tomorrow I’m writing about my New Years resolutions, so don’t miss that.

Micro out…